Forcing Scripture on someone is like reading a friend an instruction manual when they insist on figuring out on their own how to build a piece of furniture. Live a Christ like life, be there for your friend as they traverse the mire and let them sit in your chair when they tire.

I used to close my eyes every night dreaming of love that seemed so far from sight. Lord help me.  To take away, this pain that still remains because I am weak from thinking I had nothing to gain.  From the pain that was caused from when I fell I feel as if I am burning […]

Adversary: I care nothing of you. I destroy all who do not renew. I will give you quick happiness but eternal madness. Where the fallen star leads you will find your sadness. *** Lord save us.Lord deliver us.Lord save us.Lord deliver us. Standing among men already dead within. This feeling I fought for what my […]