Some of us carry the pain of rejection from our Fathers. Do not let your life be impacted by their failure. Find comfort in our Lord and Savior. My Father not only destroyed our relationship, but he was a part of the destruction of the relationship I had with my children. My ability to forgive […]

The odds we face are irrelevant. The courage that we manifest within will overcome any obstacle while fueled by the passion of faith. Fear is nothing more than an illusion the Adversary perpetuates around us to blind us from seeing truth. My adversaries’ evil malicious desire to punish me for sins they born false witness […]

Before speaking the truth in a neighboring territory, you must have moral influence and control within your castle. Those that fail to accomplish this will be cut down at the knees. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not […]

Reality like water will take the shape of its container. Regardless of whether that container takes on the form of good or evil. When water resides in a cup of evil we must walk above that water, or be consumed by it. It is not evil that I fear, I fear failing to control the […]

The truth will arrive in God’s time. The most important thing in life is to have the humility to know that no matter how painful life is we are not the instrument of justice. David was the first great King of Israel, but Solomon built the Temple that housed truth on Earth.Everything is as God […]

To view Islamic people as terrorists would be as reckless, foolish, and irresponsible as viewing all Christians as capital rioters. I do not believe the middle east is the only geographical area of this world that harbors heavily armed, religious, and political extremists. One of the greatest privileges of my life was spending three years […]

Accomplishing operational objectives in the face of extreme adversity are not achieved by actions rooted in how we feel, but those that are calculated based upon mission requirements and responsible operational risk management. Attaining strategic supremacy on the battlefield is only achieved with the proper implementation of finite and infinite game theory based on a […]