This world will not remember Putin or the path he has taken. This world will remember when the Ghost of Kyiv was awakened, and haunted a tyrant God has forsaken. Цей світ не згадає Путіна чи шлях, який він пройшов. Цей світ пам’ятає, коли прокинувся привид Києва, і переслідував тирана, якого покинув Бог.

Before speaking the truth in a neighboring territory, you must have moral influence and control within your castle. Those that fail to accomplish this will be cut down at the knees. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not […]

Accomplishing operational objectives in the face of extreme adversity are not achieved by actions rooted in how we feel, but those that are calculated based upon mission requirements and responsible operational risk management. Attaining strategic supremacy on the battlefield is only achieved with the proper implementation of finite and infinite game theory based on a […]

When the foolish pursue wealth and conquest, they believe they have won when they acquire it. The wise know true victory is only achieved when one can honorably and transparently represent how it was accomplished. Anything less is a false victory awaiting its true defeat.

Passionate love is more powerful than passionate hate because it reflects perfect form and truth.It is not blinded by deceit, malice, or prejudice. It never stops because it is fueled by hope and faith, not an agenda. I do not pray for the destruction of my adversaries. Because I know my ability to stand in […]

When you eliminate the mythology of a man their legend seeds. Your adversary is nothing more than another man that shits and bleeds. The more holes that are created in my body from my enemy’s blade. The more light that will shine through from my soul, as I serve only the King of the saved.