When people deceive, misrepresent, and criminalize the innocent while protecting their treasures in this world, they provide evidence of their eternal form. When the innocent fearlessly pursue the truth regardless of the actions of others, they provide evidence of the destination they have chosen and the treasures that await them in heaven. The only true […]

Having the courage to speak the truth while standing in the light does not manifest a paradigm free of anxiety, insecurity, or fear. It produces evidence that we have placed our souls in the hands of Jesus Christ and embraced the path in front of us, knowing the final destination this world has prepared for […]

It is not the world that defines our status and position in life. When we accept the reality that others have defined and give up on what we believe is right, it is then that we define our status and position in life. Life is a sandbox that is molded and shaped by those that […]

It is unreasonable and illogical for the malicious and the unethical to speculate regarding whether the innocent that evidence indicates they have victimized have a mindset that justifies violence. At the same time, the captive who have faith in the truth and the light patiently, peacefully, and chivalrously wait, knowing eternal justice from our Lord […]

The Truth is the guitar solo that reigns over the minor chords of every song. What we bear in our arms provides evidence of what we carry in our souls. Without Truth, no climax will manifest the power of Love.

This world is a desert of deceit with wandering travelers who lust and feed from the very sand that ravages our bodies as it slowly kills our souls. At the same time, we disregard the living water that is right in front of us. While the wicked roam the desert sand pillaging the lives of […]

Those that desire peace do not desire the destruction of those that choose to be their enemy. When those that desire peace have been ravaged by the deceit of those that do evil all they desire is honesty, truth, and an apology. So that forgiveness can be given, and the path ahead can be travelled […]

No child should have to live without the love and guidance from their parents. Whether through loss or the pain of this life’s lesson. Our families will be healed and reunited Someday in Heaven.

Religion cannot be trusted. Just as a man or woman has the ability to put their desires before their beliefs. Religion has the ability to put its agenda before its mission while taking the lives of those who threaten its power like a thief. Religion is not of God, it’s ruled by men and women […]